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April 17, 2011
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Dmitri Skylor Ellisand

Age: 19

Chosen by: Lady Ink

Gift Description: A simple set of lines in the shape of a tall 'L'. He sees it as a key.

Appearance: Dmitri is a fairly tall, skinny man, around six foot three. He would look underfed if not for the fact that his wiry muscles keep him looking strong. As it is, it's apparent he sacrifices some of his physical health to another cause.  His silver hair, prematurely silver because of overuse of magic, is down to the bottom of his shoulder blades and tied back in a low tail. His ice blue eyes are magnified by thick black glasses, and his pupils are more feline than normal. His ears are also rounded very choppily, as if there was more to them at one time.

He won't be found without wearing black, from collar to toes, and usually a long coat over soft leather armor. This amount of coverage is because he was captured by an enemy at age 16 and is pretty much covered in scars. (I'll draw him with them if you need it at some point.) This includes fingerless gloves, as his enemy's marks are on both sides of both hands. He has a copper necklace with a labyrinth on it that will not leave him (taking it is physically impossible), and it will turn into a very simple key if prodded correctly.

History: Dmitri grew up a scholarly noble's child in the country of Illanen, learning history, fighting, magic, and other basic education tenets. At age 14 he discovered his family was not all they seemed when his parents and sister were killed by an assassin. These brutal murders were how Dmitri learned his family was—and always had been—the spymasters, the Shadows, of Illanen.

He took up the duty as best he could, and with much help from the seconds-in-command, and was finally getting a hang on things when he made a near-fatal mistake at age 16.
One of his spies and best friends went missing near the enemy country, Saira's, borders, so Dmitri went looking for him. And he was caught.

He stayed in the Sairan prison for almost two hellish years, tormented by Saira's spymaster, Rowen Heinri. It was only his duty and devotion to his friends and country that kept him teetering on the edge of sanity. But one day, Rowen pushed him beyond the breaking point. In a fit of rage-induced magic, he destroyed the prison, killing Rowen and earning his freedom and the long journey back to freedom, sanity, and self-respect.

Today, at the age of 19, Dmitri has resumed the position of Shadow, working endlessly at keeping his country and his people safe and informed. He still has nightmares about his time in prison that leave him screaming, and he cannot stand more than brief physical contact, but he is otherwise mostly recovered.

Personality: Dmitri is, above all, duty bound. Most of his thoughts obsess with how best to protect his queen and country—he sees it as his tribute to his parents and sister, and has vowed to do the best possible job for any Shadow. This leads to him forsaking food, sleep, normal relationships, and more to be able to do his duty. He is much like Lady Ink in his love of order and neatness, though he's willing to forsake that due to the nature of his position.

He's very stiff and formal, even with those he's close with and the very few people he trusts. He tends to see emotions as a weakness, and ever since he was captured, he tries not to show any weaknesses, no matter the origin.  His reactions to strangers tend to be icy cold, stiff, and mistrustful. It's a very hard task to get him to trust anyone.

He is very curious, in the way of a boy who was raised to discover the world around him and record it. When he sees something odd, it's a very sore temptation to stop and examine it, to figure out what it is and why he stumbled upon it.
He's also deeply religious. His religion (the best real-world comparison is Buddhism) means a lot to him, and he often uses it's tenets to guide both his path and the path of the Keys.

Once someone is let into his heart, they never leave, another thing he sees as a weakness. His actions, beyond caring for Illanen and the Keys, are mostly forcing himself to grow out of his weaknesses. As a consequence, he's very cold and logical unless it's about his people.

He hates fighting and losing his people—lives lost and/or physical pain are the worst consequences that could come from his actions. He agonizes over every death, and tries his best to ensure every single person in his heart is kept as safe as possible.  When he does have to fight, it is absolutely devastating, as he tries to ensure the fighting will end one way or another and he learned from the other prisoners in his prison.

His scars are a source of shame to him, a weakness revealed that he cannot erase, especially the tattoos on his hands and left shoulder blade.  He fears the dark, physical contact, failure, being captured, death, and being restrained.

Abilities: As I said above, he hates fighting, but he's really good at it when he has to, both with his magic and hand-to-hand. He's really bad with ranged weapons other than primitive pistols, though, and prefers either a staff and magic or not to do it at all.

About his magic. (*sighs* whoo boy.) In his world, the magic that humans can use is separated into six different types: healers, diviners, storers, necromancers, elementalists, and mind magic/telepathy. Dmitri has the mind magic quite strongly, the storing magic at a mid-range level, and the elemental magic to do with water.
The mind magic (cenlan) allows communication, 'knowing' another person's mind to some extent, and sensing other sentient creatures in the area. It takes its toll on his psyche and ability to think clearly, so obviously he doesn't use it very often.  It can be negated by amber or drugs.  I'll explain in greater length if I'm chosen/people want to know. It's all fairly complicated.

The storing magic (shelan) allows him to put magic into things and to use his memories to power magic. For example, teleportation. If he has a memory of a place or a place similar to it, because he uses this type of magic, he can pull himself to the place of the memory. This is powered by his physical strength and is negated by silver.

The water magic (faelan) is exactly what it sounds like. It's powered by the ley lines and the amount of water around him. He won't be doing much with it in a desert, for example. And this will work in varying fluctuations in the book, depending on the area and ley lines.

If you have any questions, put some sort of bullet in from of them, and I'll answer them for you.

All of the different types of magic will be explained further once I get there.

UPDATED: Trinkets etc. that he has: His coat that he put on has all sorts of useful crap hidden in it. There're pockets all through the sleeves and back attached to a sort of frame so Dmitri can make what he wants fall into his hand. Everything from healing potions to herbs to lockpicks to his journal are in there, though the journal can't fall into his hand.

The journal, as you will have noticed, is both varying in size and Dmitri's communication book to the rest of his Keys. He is meticulous in upkeeping his journal (the actual non-communication part) and keeping track of his Keys, especially with his unexpected hiatus.

His staff has a lot of his stored power in it, so it will help his endurance and ability to cast more powerful spells. He has a sheath for it that holds it across his back.

UPDATE Part 2: son of the update: ABOUT LIGHT: Light, also known as Zephyr Taimos, was Dmitri's former best friend. They were schoolmates when they were younger, along with other kids of noble status. Unfortunate, Light, being the only one there not of noble status, was seen as a weak link. He was kidnapped by enemies of the government one day because he knew a lot of noble children so that they could find out who they needed to take down. More specifically, who the Shadow was.

They succeeded. Light's pain eventually overwhelmed him and he told his captors which family they needed to target. This led Dmitri to HATE him. They had a very bad fight when Dmitri got out of prison and discovered the truth. In that time, Light was swayed over by the idea that the government needed reforming and he also joined the priesthood as a sort of cover. Dmitri is absolutely convinced that Light has joined the Sairan spies and is feeding them information, but Queen Zyianna has yet to be convinced.

Light remains a foil for most of Dmitri's plans.
My audition for :icontbos-oct:

Ack, I'm nervous. All of a sudden, he seems like a Sue, even though I know he's not.

My first drawing both in Photoshop and with my new tablet. :D

The picture behind him is some paneling at our local theater.

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Khyansaria Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2011  Student General Artist

Mind magic is a blood thing, passed down from parents to children because of ‘elvish’ (not quite, but I haven’t decided what to call them yet) blood. How it works is kind of like Pocahontas. You know, every rock and tree and creature blah blah blah. He can sense all of those with this magic, because it grants him awareness of his aura and the ability to manipulate it.
Because he has this magic, he has the ability to push his ‘aura’ or ‘spirit’ beyond the confines of his body. It’s all silent, just force of will, but it takes a pretty bad toll on his ability to think clearly. It works pretty much like run-of-the-mill telepathy beyond that point. Drugs just make him unable to use it. Amber negates this ability by sort of pulling on his aura. If he tries to use this kind of magic with amber around, the amber sort of rips at his aura, like his aura was a sheet of fabric. And then the fabric will keep unraveling until he’s out of the amber or has it stabilized. This is expressed by him getting colder and colder, no matter what situation he’s in.
His limits are distance based; about the length of a football field and his powers are VERY weak. Beyond that, it’s moral limitations through society more than anything. It’s considered extremely ruse to delve into another’s mind without permission, or to do more than light taps on anything without knowing it’s okay. Actively searching for things is both quite forbidden and lets the other person know, so he’s more likely to use good old fashioned poking and prodding through his words.
And that’s about all I can think of for this… He can’t move anything or force creatures to do his bidding or anything. The most he could do, if he really needed an animal to do something, is sense it’s motives and wants and try and fulfill them.

Water magic is water magic. *shrugs* This is something that’s taught, passed down from teacher to student, and they use phrases at the beginning of the teaching. Over time, however, the phrases may turn into mental phrases as the students gain control of the power, and some may even progress beyond needing them at all. As for the phrases, it’s pretty much ‘up’, ‘down’, ‘twist’, etc. Simple stuff, with no more explanation needed. Dmitri’s at the point where he’ll use the phrases only if he’s tired or his mental facilities aren’t quite where they ought to be, like if he’d just been using mind magic.
The limits of his abilities are based on how much water is in the area and his physical strength. If he’s standing by a lake, no problem. In a desert, he’s got more of a problem. He still can move it, but the religious principle I told you about earlier holds true; he believes that when he summons water, he’s taking it from another place and disturbing the natural order. He also can’t do any more than he’s physically able to do. He won’t be lifting car size amounts of water any time soon.
What all he can do with the water is he can bring it to himself, bend it, shape it (so they could have a bridge out of water that’s been forced together or something of the sort, though the bridge would have to be dissolving behind them as it formed ahead of them), but only in the liquid form. He can do the same with other liquids. Again, a lot of limits to this are moral, so he won’t be ripping the blood out of anyone’s body any time soon, and he’s not strong enough for that anyway.

Storing/shelan magic is the most unique of the three, I believe. It’s strongly linked to memory and vision. Most of it’s done through runes and/or movements. That’s what’s in/on his staff. His staff is what he uses for that beyond just being a blunt weapon. It’s used on objects and energy, to move said things. Like the example I gave in his profile, he can see himself and his companions as an object, and as long as he knows where he wants to move them he can move them to another place.
The biggest, most important thing to know is that he has to have had some form of contact with a place or object very similar to the one he’s trying to manipulate to be able to manipulate it. Like Anna’s gun he would be able to manipulate, albeit crudely, because they have pistols in his world and the concept is similar enough that he’ll understand it. But he is powerless against her lighter, because there’s nothing like that in Illanen. This energy comes from the emotions linked with the memories… the stronger the emotion, the better he’ll be able to manipulate the thing, his knowledge of the runes he needs to store energy vs. storing a memory vs. moving, and ley lines, if any are available.
There are a lot of little runes scratched into the surface of his staff, but they’re so small and natural-looking that unless Reinald and Anna examine it very closely, I doubt they’ll see them.
simply-irenic Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Your audition is awesome! I love your writing style and your art is so expressive! :D And Dmitri is a really intriguing character--I'm really looking forward to our round!

We do have one quick question regarding Dmitri's abilities as a water mage:

* Does his ability extend to transmuting water into other liquids, such as blood or alcohol?

Thanks in advance, and good luck with your entry! :D
Khyansaria Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2011  Student General Artist
Oh, and one more note:

Shifters exist on his world too, but they're very different creatures and nearly universally distrusted/disliked. Only one of the reasons is because the shifters need a good amount of blood from whatever they're shifting into to complete their first transformation, but anyway, if Dmitri finds out, his normal suspiciousness will get even worse.
simply-irenic Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh, that is a super important thing to know! Thanks for the heads-up. :)
Khyansaria Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2011  Student General Artist
He cannot transmute water, but he can mold most liquids the same way he would water.

One other quick thing I forgot to mention is that his water magic operates under the assumption (from his religion) that whatever he's creating/moving/whatever is coming from elsewhere or damaging things elsewhere. His religion has influenced his thought to an extent where he uses it only sparingly, for fear of screwing things up for people elsewhere.
simply-irenic Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Okay, sounds good! Thanks for your help, and if you've ever got any questions re: Reinald and Anna, please don't hesitate to ask!
ArtistryInDeath Featured By Owner May 22, 2011
Nah, I wouldn't say he's a Sue. If a character's a Sue here, then one of mine, especially Daggerhand. -.-'
And I've seen quite a few parallels between Dmitri and Daggerhand ^^ That was real funny...
Best of luck to you in the tournament! :la:
Khyansaria Featured By Owner May 22, 2011  Student General Artist
You too!
ArtistryInDeath Featured By Owner May 22, 2011
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